Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Best of Philly

Hipster Home has been voted "Best Housewares Store in Philadelphia" for 2008 by our customers and Fox 29 News.  We are now the proud owners of this title for 2 years in a row since winning in 2007 (our first year in business).  We need to thank our loyal customers for a great 1st year and an even better start to our second year.  

We promised to bring "you" our customers some of the newest and best home furnishings in the industry and we feel we accomplished our goal.  We promise to continue offering the same contemporary and rustic pieces that separates us from our competition.  We have also increased our wine accessory line since introducing iittala to our product line and offering more Riedel Crystal (stocking up for the holidays).  We have also fully stocked our store with Modern Cellar Wine Racks which uses reclaimed walnut and farm raised bamboo to create beautiful, contemporary wine storage.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Iittala philosophy

Have you noticed how easy it is, in our shopping-oriented world, to crowd your home with meaningless things? You find yourself with short-lived items that eventually cease to function, or go out of style. So they are thrown away, adding to the growing mountains of unusable rubbish on our planet, while you keep on shopping for new things.

Was life meant to be like this? Like more and more people, Iittala doesn’t believe in throwawyism. Long ago, designer Kaj Franck’s postulated that “objects should always be appropriate, durable and functional.” Objects that can be endlessly combined in new ways, refreshing everyday life. At Iittala, we believe in lasting everyday design against throwawayism.

For a long time, Iittala has been part of an ongoing revolution. This is based on the belief that all human beings can make conscious choices in everyday life. Choosing objects that will last in design and quality will please our senses and create harmony in our everyday lives. Fortunately, this is also a choice for a more sustainable society, and against buying short-lived things destined for the rubbish bin.

The heart of Iittala’s design philosophy is formulated along Kaj Franck’s early thinking. According to Franck, “objects should always be appropriate, durable and functional.” This is why one of the most important functions of design is to make sure that objects designed for everyday use should be universally usable.

Even earlier than Franck, Alvar Aalto made waves in the 1930s when the now iconic Aalto vase was first presented at the Paris World Exhibition. With this mysterious form he made a revolutionary statement against industrial production that failed to meet human needs.

The Iittala design philosophy defines the principles behind our product development. These principles include, in addition to pure functionalism, the qualities of essentialism and emotionalism, which ensures that all objects are both highly usable and that their design will remain relevant in the long-term. For ‘lasting everyday design against throwawayism’, we create eternally relevant and contemporary design that responds to universal human needs.

It is in the natural flow of things, however, that all objects will not last forever; they might break or colours and sizes in the assortment might change. But as all Iittala objects are designed to be combinable, even though all variations might not be offered all the time, any new purchases will still fit with existing and future Iittala objects. This allows you to build and refresh your own personal Iittala collection endlessly over time.

Less is more. Mies van der Rohe’s legendary statement has become even more relevant to our planet today. Is it relevant to you? In that case, you might want to follow us and refuse throwawayism.  Shop online at www.shop.hipsterhome.com

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Parametre by 3form

Hipster Home is proud to introduce our newest product line - Parametre by 3form.  Parametre is a commercial and residential partition system used to redefine space in a home or office.  Made of 100% polyester parametre has the look and feel of linen paper but with the durability and washability of polyester.  Parametre can be used in both commercial and residential applications and is available in custom sizing.  Super easy to erect, even simpler than curtains since all hardware is included and is super lightweight.  There are 8 colors and 3 different patterns and is UV stable, anti microbial and anti static (also fire rated material available for commercial use).  For a sneak peak go to www.parametre.us   
Shop online at www.shop.hipsterhome.com

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hipster Home - Who We Are

Established in the summer of June 2007:  Hipster Home is a contemporary & organic home furnishings store for people with a unique interpretation of their living style not offered at larger retailers.  Our goal is to offer unique, fashionable product that will stand the test of time both in fashion and durability.  We are against "throwawayism" that is so prevalent in our society today.  The idea that companies manufacture product that is meant to be thrown away, even if it is "green", is something we're not interested in pursuing.  We prefer to offer product that is meant to last both to our fashion sensibilities and our demand for durable product.  Of course we do offer "green" products but not with intent to throw it away.  Hence: we are against "throwawayism" - a catch word that will be a constant theme at Hipster Home.  We are offering this blog to keep you up to date on our progress and our product lines.  We also want to include you into our successes and failures by listening to your suggestions on the store, our layout, merchandising, product, events, employees and direction.  We want to hear from you and we will consider any reasonable suggestions that are constructive and forward thinking.  We also want to share our experiences both positive and negative to create a record of our journey from a small 500 sq/ft gift store into a 1000 sq/ft furnishings boutique and now into an expansive 2400 sq/ft home furnishings store. 

Please join us in our journey and follow us in our progression.  Your communication is imperative to our success!  Shop online at www.shop.hipsterhome.com