Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Spiegelau Classic Beer Glass Have Arrived!

Yes, the long awaited introduction of the classic beer glasses by Spiegelau has finally arrived at Hipster Home.  Expanding onto our popular Riedel Crystal stemware, we are now proud to introduce Spiegelau platinum crystal classic beer glasses.  When you first pick up the glass the first thing you'll notice is its light weight due to the lead-free crystal.  I know, I know, you're gonna say that I've been preaching so long about the benefits of crystal in your barware.  And that philosophy still holds true.  But Spiegelau is different due to its platinum process while in its molten state that gives these glasses their strength and clarity.  The magic in these glasses still gets down to basic physics.  The glasses are specifically designed to increase the heavy beer ingredients into the bottom of the glass which narrows at the bottom.  This narrowing of the base increases the glass pressure at the bottom and pushes up the CO2 and unleashing more of the beers specific quality ingredients.  Not to mention it may just be the sexiest beer glasses in the world.  Can you imagine......... a beer glass that's sexy.  It just may be the last beer glass you'll ever own!  Check it  out at

Monday, July 20, 2009

Hipster Home Summer Sale 20% OFF Gus Furniture!

Hipster Home and Gus Modern are teaming up to offer a 20% OFF any Gus Furniture pieces, now thru August 16th.  Kick some samples around at our store and get fitted for the perfect sofa for you and your home.  In the market for furniture?  Been itching to relieve yourself of your big bulky sofa?  Step into the modern times and update your room with a sofa from Gus Modern and save 20% until August 16th.  This is a manufacturers discount and only comes around once a year so get your order in now!  Or check us out online at or check out Gus' website at

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Blu Dot - Dwell Lounge Chair

Blu Dot and Dwell Magazine teamed up for a design competition in 2007. Architect Ralph Rapson came out on top and we agree. Introducing the Blu Dot Dwell Lounge chair. A perfect fusion of mesh and stainless steel or mesh and satin black powder coating. This oversize lounge chair is simple and unexpected. You can choose  from silver or lilac mesh and its suitable for outdoor use.  Imagine these ultra sleek, ultra modern and ultra comfortable on the deck of your pool or in your garden.  The mesh fabric is transparent that hides from no one (why would it?) and has a presence that is commanding.  The chair is made even stronger by using one welded piece of tubular steel and the mesh fabric's weave adds to its stability.  Perfect for the whole family (even Fido will stake his claim on this super comfortable lounge chair that is more reminiscent of a hammock as it cradles your body.  See more at

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Riedel Vitis... Experience Real Taste!

If you don't know, Hipster Home has Riedel Glass tasting / comparisons every Friday night in the store.  Why you say?  Because experience the difference a proper wine glass makes in your wine tasting is the only true way to understand.  We can tell you how the 24% lead crystal in Riedel glasses has a rougher textured surface than glass so that when you swirl your wine over the crystal, those rough edges agitate the wine which aerates the wine by separating the alcohol off of the body of the wine enhancing the flavor of the wine.  

So why a Riedel crystal glass as opposed to any other crystal glass?  Because Riedel perfected the shapes so that when the alcohol separates from the wine, the wine glass is shaped to either allow the alcohol to stay in the glass longer to strengthen the flavors, or to flash off the alcohol so that your nose isn't overpowered by the medicinal alcohol flavor.  But to tell you these facts and experiencing them are 2 completely different things.  

It's no secret that wine tastes better out of a proper Riedel wine glass and we have them in stock and ready to go.  We ship for free and we guarantee quality, and we'll price match any other reputable Riedel retailer so you know you're getting the best deal available.  Check it out online at