Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hipster Home Has Sound!

Geneva Sounds Systems are a team based in Switzerland that is passionate about designing and engineering high quality sound & vision products, for users with a contemporary life-style.

Their design philosophy is based on the view that the most important attribute of an audio system is that it should sound great. Geneva Sound Systems does not compromise on design or technology. They believe that their products should be easy to use and effortless fit into a home. Geneva is also minimalist about features, adding only those functions that are essential to a good experience. These philosophies challenge their engineers to strive for the best. Please do not be misled by the external simplicity of Geneva Sound Systems' products. The inside contains the very latest audio technologies.

Products from Geneva Lab are not mass produced low-cost units. Geneva creations require significant amount of craftsmanship, like teior piano lacquered cabinets. Without a real care and attention to detail by the people who make these products, Geneva would never be able to deliver such high quality and finish.

The Geneva Sound System model XL is a very powerful complete stereo system, crafted in a single cabinet made out of piano lacquered wood. With its built-in stereo tweeters, woofers and 8 inch subwoofers and powered by a 600-watt high fidelity digital amplifier, it will deliver a sound performance normally expected from a very large and expensive stereo system. Its extremely wide frequency range, from a deep bass to crystal clear highs and its ample power, will let you experience your music in new ways. It is a very versatile system that plays all genres of music very well and can support very large room size. Your music will sound better than ever.

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