Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Queen of Love Chair Coming to Hipster!

If you have the desire to move over to the funky side of design and you're a bit of a risk taker then this will be your favorite Baroque chair.   Move it outdoors to enjoy the sunshine or make a splash indoors with the Queen of Love collection of indoor outdoor furniture.  It will make you giddy.
This modern chair is in the Baroque style with a contemporary upgrade. The Queen of Love chairs are made of recyclable polyethylene so they are ultra durable and weather proof. The range of colors are Chic Black, So Celestial, Red Passion, Pink Intimacy, Sweet Mandarin, Pure Green, Happy Yellow and Simple White.
From the website...
Graziano Moro and Renato Pigatti have loved the beauty since they were born, such as two natural born perfectionists. Their skills lead them into to the Fashion world. They become first of all partners, then owners of Fashion Design Houses, acquiring a huge Know-how in this field. Their creativity give birth to many of the most important phenomena of the Fashion worid of the 90s and early 2000s, always characterised by an highly recognizable ironical touch. The two designers’ communication skills are expressed into all aspects of the lifestyle, contaminating it with their innate enthusiasm.
Their Queen of Love indoor outdoor Baroque style chairs will make your outdoor living as trendy as can be.  Stop into the store and check out the first store on the East Coast with the balls to carry the Queen of Love.  How could we not?  If you have any interest in this chair call our store and dare us to give you the lowest prices anywhere in the nation and we ship for FREE.  Just dare me!  Go ahead, make my day.