Thursday, October 13, 2011

Now OPEN in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia

Just in time for the holiday shopping season Hipster Home has opened it's doors in the city of brotherly love.  Chestnut Hill will be the new playground for our many fans and loyal customers.  Never content to sit on our tushy we'll be introducing many new products and expanding existing lines.  Already the leading dealer for Gus Modern Furniture in Philadelphia, Hipster Home will now be the leading dealer for Umbra Home Furnishings and Geneva Sound Systems in Philadelphia.   

Although this isn't the largest store we've ever occupied we promise it's the best store we've ever put together.  We want to inspire you to do more with your home furnishings.  So stop into our new home at 8236 Germantown Avenue just across the street from the Chestnut Hill Hotel and the Chestnut Hill Farmers Market.  You are always welcome.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Best Housewares Store in Philadelphia

Thanks again to everyone who helped us once again win "Best Housewares Store in Philadelphia" on the Philly Hot List for PHL 17.  For 5 years now, since the beginning of the Hot List, we have taken the Best Housewares title and it's something we're quite proud of since it's voted by the consumers (you).  Although we don't put too much stock in any title it's the collection of titles that makes us most proud being voted Best in Philly '07, '08, '09, '10 and 2011, Best of the Mainline for 2010, Best of Mainline Today Magazine 2008, Philly Style Magazine's "It List" for 2009 and our most proud title of being voted a "Retail Star" Top 50 Retailer by Home Accents Today Magazine which is an industry trade magazine (our peers) that recognize some of the "best retailers in the country". 

Of course, none of these lists mean anything without you, our customer, and your loyal support in helping us to become the leading dealer in the Philadelphia region for Gus Modern Furniture, Blu Dot, Umbra and Geneva Sound Systems.  We proudly serve Philadelphia and beyond with our store, soon to be located in Chestnut Hill Philadelphia, and our website at

Thank you,
Dave & Lindsay
Hipster Home

Monday, August 8, 2011

Gus Furniture Sale!

Hipster Home is the leading Gus Furniture dealer in the Philadelphia area.  For over 4 years we have been proudly serving the Philadelphia region and all over the US with our award winning customer service and lowest cost guarantee.  Call our store for details on prices and shipping or go to our safe and secure website at

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Babies on Bridge Street: The Hipster Kid

Babies on Bridge Street: The Hipster Kid: "So, I'm all for showcasing our wonderful blog readers, hence we took a family trip down Bridge Street to visit Hipster, 'The Best Houseware..."

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hipster Home Opening in Chestnut Hill

It's with heavy hearts that I have to confirm rumors that Hipster Home will be relocating our store to Chestnut Hill in Philadelphia. In mid-September Hipster Home will open our doors in Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania at 8236 Germantown Avenue directly across the street from the Chestnut Hill Hotel at the bottom of the hill but until then we will remain open at our current location. This new space is currently occupied by a friend and mentor store of ours called Host who will be relocating to a larger space in Chestnut Hill. This has been a long painstaking decision and it doesn't come easy to move our store.

Many of you who know us personally know that we also live in Phoenixville and we absolutely love our town. Those facts have not changed and will not change. Phoenxiville is an awesome town and we have seen remarkable progress and have become a true destination point so we should all be proud of our downtown. The fact of the matter is that Phoenixville has become a small restaurant district (which is a good thing) but retail shopping, which I liken to hunting, is a completely different animal then restaurant strolling and for us to accomplish our goals we need to be in a competitive retail district.

Hipster Home has made tremendous strides in 3 years on Bridge Street and the residents of this town have had a huge part in that growth.  Phoenixville has helped us get to our current status of minor success and now we need to take the next steps to further grow our business into a competitive retail store on a larger stage.  If we want to stay viable then we need to expand our client base and move into a more retail centric area. We feel Chestnut Hill and the proximity to downtown Philly gives us this opportunity.

Our hearts will always be here in Phoenixville. Our foundation was laid here in Phoenixville. Our first steps were here in Phoenixville. Our small successes were right here in downtown Phoenixville. This is our home (and our comfort zone) but sometimes you need to push off the island to discover new worlds. Please be proud of the successes we have all created in our humble little store. We need everyone to continue to support Hipster Home. We still need you now more then ever.

Please stop into the store during the next few months and wish us luck and please continue to support your local merchants. Also remember that you can still shop on our web store at and everything that is in our store is in our online store and we ship for free so you won't miss a beat. We will do our best to realize our goals as a business and hopefully we can make you proud along the way. We hope that all of you will visit us in our new location and brag to the residents of Chestnut Hill that Hipster Home is your hometown store. It may also help if you bring a bottle of wine....... LOL!

Please continue to support us and remember we love you guys!  Thank you everyone.

Dave & Lindsay
Hipster Home

Case Study of Gus Design

Do you know where your furniture comes from?  Our furniture group at Gus Design is a  talentend young, forward thinking and accessible design team.  Can you say the same thing about your furniture?   Check our selection out at

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Skateboard Subculture Meets High End Design

I love when subculture meets high culture.  The clash of the two diametrically opposed worlds creates a unique energy.  In this case the chaotic skateboard subculture meets the sleek world of modern design.  Deckstools uses broken skateboard decks and repurpose  them into furniture that is urban, artistic, edgy and functional.  Every piece is made from broken or trashed skateboard decks that are donated or found and then given a new life in a completely different world.  This is reincarnation at its best. 

It's long been known in the skateboard world that the imagery on skateboard decks is nothing short of urban art.  It's graffiti on bent plywood.  Like an Eames Chair with graphic art printed all over it.  I love the energy the Deckstools create with the urban punk graphics and the heavy use scratches like scars on an old warrior (evidence of a former life) juxtaposed against the straight lines and geometry needed to make them a functional piece of furniture.  Hell, they even use the trucks as a support system to tie the legs together and the entire skateboard is recycled.  Seriously, what's not to love?  It's art, youth subculture and architecture all rolled into one to create high design.  We are very excited about the Deckstool line and we know you'll love them and at only a few hundred dollars it's a great way to add this versatile, graphic piece to your design mix.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Eames Lounge Chair

The Eames Lounge Chair represents the pinnacle of modern design.  Originally designed in 1956 as a birthday present for the hollywood director Billy Wilder it since has reached iconic status and now sits in its permanent home at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in NYC.

Over the past year we have had the pleasure of being caretakers to an original Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman in our store (consignment).  Since that time I have grown attached to it's quite beauty and strength.  Like a beautiful painting it draws people of all ages to it's soft seat.  Don't be fooled by it's simplicity and grace.  This piece commands attention.  No one can walk by this chair without commenting on its beauty . Even children who have never heard of Eames fall to its powers.

Sometimes when you live with a piece you tend to take it for granted and forget how special it is.  The Eames Lounge never dulls.  Everyday I walked into my store I marveled at its design.  Everyday I found another reason to look & love it even more.  I have to be honest, when some of my customers would visit the store and sit on my chair I would get a rush of overprotectiveness like a parent with a child.

Now, since it sold, letting it go will be bittersweet.  I am glad to see it go to owners that will respect its heritage and honor its name.  As collectors of classic modern furniture they know of it worth and will take care of the chair like one of their own children.  If I ever go to visit their house I know I will still refer to it as my Eames Lounge Chair.  It will never leave me and I can only hope to one day afford a piece of my own.

The irony of owning a modern furniture store is that sometimes you're lucky or unlucky enough to offer pieces you cannot afford.  One day, when the store becomes more successful, I will make the endeavor to posses my own Eames Lounge Chair.  It will be my Porsche.  It will be my Ferrari.  It will be my mistress. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Home Accents Today Retail Star for 2011

It's true. Hipster Home has been voted one of Home Accents Today Magazine Top 50 Retail Stars for 2011. Official press release:

Hipster Home is honored for retailing excellence by Home Accents Today magazine

May 4, 2011, Greensboro, N.C. – Hipster Home, owned by David Friday and Lindsay Herman, and located at 237 Bridge Street in Phoenixville, Pa., has been named one of Home Accents Today’s 50 Retail Stars for 2011 by editors of the premier trade magazine for the home accents industry. The stores selected for the list have demonstrated that they operate successfully in their marketing areas, exhibit strength in merchandising, display and/or advertising, and have a positive presence in their local communities.

“The 2011 Retail Stars represent some of the best independent stores in the country,” said Jenny Heinzen York, editor in chief. “In a harsh economic climate where mere survival has equaled success for many, this year’s Stars have faced down the challenges with innovation, creativity and fortitude. We salute these inspiring entrepreneurs, and as always, encourage everyone to support their own local businesses.”

The 50 Retail Stars feature, sponsored by Americasmart Atlanta, is published in the May 2011 issue of Home Accents Today. - Sue Dickenson (Home Accents Today Editor)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Little Queen of Love is born!

Yes it's true. Your favorite Queen (The Queen of Love) has given birth to the Little Queen of Love Chair and man is she cute. You still get all the same detailed scroll work. You still get the same spin molded single injection seamless piece of art. And you still get FREE SHIPPING from Hipster Home direct to your door. The pint size version of our very popular Queen of Love Chair is available in 6 brilliant colors including Candy Pink, Ethereal Blue, Pure Green, Simple White, Purple Sunset and Red Passion (for now). These new pups are already very popular and there's quite a waiting list developing. If you want your Little Queen then you'll have to put your order in now to get on that mid-June shipment so you're sure to get one. The Little Queen will retail for $495 delivered. If you snooze you'll lose and we never BS you. Our free shipping is really FREE. Contact the store for details to get your name on that list NOW at 610.917.0121

Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring into Love!!!!

Spring into the Queen of Love. This is the year to make a statement in your garden with the most talked about outdoor/indoor chair ever created. Designer Moro Pigatti has collaborated to create this sculptural piece of art that is equally functional as it is beautiful. Made in Italy and each chair is signed by Moro Pigatti the Queen of Love is available in an assortment of your favorite colors. Hipster Home was one of the first dealers on any coast to offer this Italian, soon to be, classic and we offer free shipping along with our guaranteed lowest prices. Call our store for details or just login into our website at and get yours now. You'll never own another garden chair again after you've splurged for a Queen of Love.