Thursday, October 16, 2008

Introducing Tivi Jewelry to Hipster Home

Tivi is an intercourse between industrial materials and intelligent designs

Two guys have done the impossible. They just may have figured out what women want... on their arm, at least! Ryan Wither and Paul Lewin are the designers behind Tivi, a new accessories company. Together they've spent hundreds (yes, hundreds) of hours researching and developing their collection. And, they've created a handbag so sexy it might even be less intimidating for your man to hold.

But these guys don't have a PhD or a Master's in Psychology. They're just keen observers with an eye for beauty. And when you combine their passion, charm and craftmanship with stainless steel, supple leather, and exotic wood, it's only natural that each piece is utterly unique - which, not coincidentally, is a lot like the women who discover Tivi.

So slide on a bracelet. Slip a purse strap over your shoulder. See how it changes your walk. We bet you'll feel the difference, and decide that some acessories are necessities.   

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