Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Maven Mag in Philadelphia features Hipster Home

Hardcore Decor

Written by ERICA CURTIS   

Since my last article sought to help those frightened by the “great white wall,” I decided to dedicate this month’s decor dish to the fearless -- Those that laugh in the face of a naked wall and bite back with skull sconces or a faux deer head.... why?  Perhaps the better question is why not? 

Giving traditional decorating a shot in the arm, many young women are having fun incorporating pieces that make a bold statement and get noticed.  While this style used to have somewhat of a cult following, it has since gone mainstream; and with many more demanding a little hardcore in their decor, stores are stepping up.  This is good news for those who are tired of searching high and low for something unique, and are sick of seeing the same pink fuzzy religious figurines c/o today’s hippest chain stores. 


So where can you find the edge you’re looking for?  As everyone who knows me can attest to, I am a huge fan of vintage & thrift stores and it is a no-brainer that you can find super-cool, one of a kind pieces if you just take the time to look.  However, if you’re more of an instant gratification gal, some contemporary home decor boutiques have upped the ante and can give you the bold look you want as well as peace of mind knowing that your entire Facebook network won’t have the exact same thing.  One of my favorite finds for edgy, chic decor is Hipster Home, located in downtown Phoenixville, PA.   

In the heart of this charming little town lies a pulse-quickening destination for those who want to give their pad a hip makeover, or simply add some unexpected touches to surroundings that are barely noticeable anymore.  From goth-chic glassware to retro-inspired furniture and everything in between, this store has got it’s decor-forward customers at heart and refuses to disappoint.  Mixing fun and originality with class and luxury is what these guys do best... simply put, Hipster Home is perfect for the fashionable, fearless decorator. 

So plan a trip to downtown Phoenixville (new shops, restaurants, antiques) and make a bee-line for Hipster Home.  When you’re there, mention my name... it won’t get you a discount or anything, but it might get me one and I have my eye on a few things!

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