Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rotor Table by Luciano Bertoncini for Bellato

At Hipster Home you can find a true legend of furniture design.  Not often seen in retail locations due to their high price tag (in America they sell for over $2000.00 that's if you can find one in America) the iconic table is an Italian masterpiece.  Designed by Luciano Bertoncini for Bellato – Rotor is a flexible coffee table, functional and highly original. Thanks to an ingenious system of rotating plates, this table can take a multitude of shapes and sizes. When is totally closed, the Rotor Table is perfect for small spaces (closed table dimensions: 63 x 63 cm), and when it is open, you have a large surface, ideal to receive guests at the cocktail.  Google Bellato Rotor Table and read about its honeycombed interior make up so the table leaves are light and remain stable.  Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to see a rare legend of the industry.  The Bellato Rotor Coffee Table available at Hipster Home or check it out at

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