Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ice Melts / Whiskey Rocks!

Whiskey Stones, set of 9 in gift box. For the true aficionado of taste, these stones will chill but not dilute your most cherished whiskey, scotch, liquor of choice or wine. A great gift for him or for the whiskey enthusiast. 

Made from locally-quarried soapstone in Perkinsville, VT. After storing in freezer for a minimum of 4 hours, add 3 stones to a dram of single malt to take the edge off a bit without diluting.

Rinse after use and store in the freezer for next time. NOTE: Whisky Stones are for whisky and spirits ONLY and are not intended for soda, ice tea or other cold beverages.  

Find the Teraforma Whiskey Stones at Hipster Home.  Or check them out online at www.hipsterhome.com and the shipping is FREE!  What a great gift.


Anonymous said...

Nice rocks, but where can you get the glass featured in the picture?

Anonymous said...

The rocks are cool, but where can you buy that glass in the photo?

Dave said...

The Rocks are and glass are available as a set with the glass on our webstore at http://www.shop.hipsterhome.com/category.sc?categoryId=38

or you can just purchase the rocks. They are both also available in our store in Philadelphia in Chestnut Hill.