Monday, October 12, 2009

Gift Your Wine With a BIG, LONG Smile!

With wine season fast approaching its time to start thinking about how you're gonna present your favorite bottle of grapes to a lucky friend.  From across the pond, Bob's Your Uncle brings you an idea for gifting your wine in a clever and humorous way.  We all know those snooty little descriptions for wine that we can't seem to comprehend no matter how hard we try.  These gift bags bring it down to a witty and funny level that we can all wrap our lips around and not feel left out of the party.  With quotes such as "Plummy & STRONG THRUSTING overtones" and "Elegant nose with a LONG SATISFYING FINISH" these gift bags will put a smile on even the most serious of wine enthusiasts.  These are actual wine quotes with the emphasis just where it needs to be to liven up the party.  Just make sure you put a good bottle of wine in the bag because you don't want the bag to steal the show. Check it out at

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