Friday, December 24, 2010

Hipster Home Going Global???

Rumor has it that the small store with a cult following in downtown Phoenixville, PA is going global. The proof is out there and the bloggers, Twitts, Yelpers, and FB'ers are all over this story with photographs to prove it. This picture was "snapped" in Midtown Manhattan just the other day and the news is spreading fast.

So why should you care? Good question. You should care if there are any products you've been eyeballing from the Hipsters. Get em now before the mad rush of customers and computer shoppers discover OUR secret. Hipster Home is our diamond in the rough and I don't want to share it with anyone................ well................. OK.......... I guess blogging about it over the internet isn't helping the cause but I just can't contain myself any longer. Get those feet moving and "get your ass to Hipster Home! Or get those fingers moving and shop online and discover FREE SHIPPING all day / all night / all the time.

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