Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Little Queen of Love is born!

Yes it's true. Your favorite Queen (The Queen of Love) has given birth to the Little Queen of Love Chair and man is she cute. You still get all the same detailed scroll work. You still get the same spin molded single injection seamless piece of art. And you still get FREE SHIPPING from Hipster Home direct to your door. The pint size version of our very popular Queen of Love Chair is available in 6 brilliant colors including Candy Pink, Ethereal Blue, Pure Green, Simple White, Purple Sunset and Red Passion (for now). These new pups are already very popular and there's quite a waiting list developing. If you want your Little Queen then you'll have to put your order in now to get on that mid-June shipment so you're sure to get one. The Little Queen will retail for $495 delivered. If you snooze you'll lose and we never BS you. Our free shipping is really FREE. Contact the store for details to get your name on that list NOW at 610.917.0121

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