Saturday, May 28, 2011

Skateboard Subculture Meets High End Design

I love when subculture meets high culture.  The clash of the two diametrically opposed worlds creates a unique energy.  In this case the chaotic skateboard subculture meets the sleek world of modern design.  Deckstools uses broken skateboard decks and repurpose  them into furniture that is urban, artistic, edgy and functional.  Every piece is made from broken or trashed skateboard decks that are donated or found and then given a new life in a completely different world.  This is reincarnation at its best. 

It's long been known in the skateboard world that the imagery on skateboard decks is nothing short of urban art.  It's graffiti on bent plywood.  Like an Eames Chair with graphic art printed all over it.  I love the energy the Deckstools create with the urban punk graphics and the heavy use scratches like scars on an old warrior (evidence of a former life) juxtaposed against the straight lines and geometry needed to make them a functional piece of furniture.  Hell, they even use the trucks as a support system to tie the legs together and the entire skateboard is recycled.  Seriously, what's not to love?  It's art, youth subculture and architecture all rolled into one to create high design.  We are very excited about the Deckstool line and we know you'll love them and at only a few hundred dollars it's a great way to add this versatile, graphic piece to your design mix.

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