Friday, May 6, 2011

Eames Lounge Chair

The Eames Lounge Chair represents the pinnacle of modern design.  Originally designed in 1956 as a birthday present for the hollywood director Billy Wilder it since has reached iconic status and now sits in its permanent home at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in NYC.

Over the past year we have had the pleasure of being caretakers to an original Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman in our store (consignment).  Since that time I have grown attached to it's quite beauty and strength.  Like a beautiful painting it draws people of all ages to it's soft seat.  Don't be fooled by it's simplicity and grace.  This piece commands attention.  No one can walk by this chair without commenting on its beauty . Even children who have never heard of Eames fall to its powers.

Sometimes when you live with a piece you tend to take it for granted and forget how special it is.  The Eames Lounge never dulls.  Everyday I walked into my store I marveled at its design.  Everyday I found another reason to look & love it even more.  I have to be honest, when some of my customers would visit the store and sit on my chair I would get a rush of overprotectiveness like a parent with a child.

Now, since it sold, letting it go will be bittersweet.  I am glad to see it go to owners that will respect its heritage and honor its name.  As collectors of classic modern furniture they know of it worth and will take care of the chair like one of their own children.  If I ever go to visit their house I know I will still refer to it as my Eames Lounge Chair.  It will never leave me and I can only hope to one day afford a piece of my own.

The irony of owning a modern furniture store is that sometimes you're lucky or unlucky enough to offer pieces you cannot afford.  One day, when the store becomes more successful, I will make the endeavor to posses my own Eames Lounge Chair.  It will be my Porsche.  It will be my Ferrari.  It will be my mistress. 

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